Medical Equipment Best for Home Care: Types of Home Lifts for Seniors


Home Lifts for Seniors

Technology has wonderfully evolved over the years and it has made drastically created a great change for senior living. Today, there is a wide variety of medical equipment made for home care. One of these is home lifts, which provide a great way for seniors to conveniently and easily move and travel through stairs, regardless of height. All of these wide variety of lifts are available right at our fingertips.

These home lifts work wonderfully for areas that used to be uninhabitable for seniors and transform them back into everyday living areas for seniors. As a result, it gives them a more improved quality of life and more optimism in their outlook.

Since there’s many types of home lifts for seniors, let’s take a look at each of them so you can make a better decision on what to use at home.

Wheelchair Stair Lift

This is a type of stair lift where the platform is built to easily slide a wheelchair into it instead of a fixed chair. However, there are brands that come equipped with a folding down seat where you can use the lift even without a wheelchair present. This comes pretty handy with seniors who are not so mobile anymore and are in daily need of wheelchairs.

Stair Chair Lift

It is the most common type of lift and used traditionally at home. It is very much ideal for any home with multiple levels. Stair chair lift allows seniors who are still able to move to safely take the stairs up or down on their own. It is most of the time fixed and look bulky for the average staircase, this offers a great amount of time savings for care givers and family members.

Personal Elevators

Personal elevators are a new fashion in home medical equipment. This is pretty much ideal for homes with three or more levels. You might think that building this into your home will be expensive. But you will be surprised that personal elevators are not really that expensive as they sound. In most cases, houses with multiple levels of several floors have built in small rooms or closets on top of each other where adding personal elevators could be convenient and possible.

The use of a personal elevator have really great benefits especially with multi-level homes. It can aid a senior who uses a walker or even an elderly dog.

Ceiling Lift

This type of lift is designed for elderly who have really limited mobility and have difficulties transferring themselves to their wheelchair or commode. These contraptions come with notable features of two post lifts equipped with it for easier movement and transport. This makes short term use and profitability very possible.

Wheelchair Platform Lift (for Porches)

This is commonly known as the vertical platform lifts and considered to be the modern handicap ramp. Wheelchair platform lifts are placed to the side of the front porch to provide more accessibility for seniors to the mailbox as well as offer another angle for them to enjoy life. Adding this to your home not only adds more appeal to the eye than the regular ramp but also it is more cost affordable.

Pool Lift

The pool lift looks the same as the chair lift but it is made of waterproof material. Seniors can enjoy the pool, whether to swim and come back at it later or just enjoy the water and the sun while on it.

Portable Hoyer Lift

This is much similar to the ceiling lift. The only difference is that the ceiling lift is secured in place while the Hoyer lift is on wheels, which makes it easier for day to day simple room transfers. It was originally manufactured to be a manual lift powered with hydraulic pumps. However, updated releases now come with battery power.

Dumb Waiter

Dumb waiters work like mini manual elevators and are designed exactly like old school restaurants and hotels use. This makes it easier to transport prepared meals or groceries, laundry baskets and all other heavy items up to the second or third floor or down the ground floor.

Recliner Lift Chair

The recliner lift chair is powered by 1-2 motors that make it practically stand up as well as slowly drop back to a normal position. There are also newer models that come with additional features, such as swing out trays, massage options and built-in storage.

Bathtub Lifts

The bathtub lifts enable seniors to be lowered down to the floor of the tub as well as enable them to risen back to the rim. It is powered by battery and are designed to be portable so it can be used by other family members as well.