About Us

Gainesville Citizens Care Inc. (GC-CARE) is a Florida not-for-profit corporation formed to provide information and to advocate for the public interest on issues of importance to the greater Gainesville community.

GC-CARE recently has been actively advocating to protect the public interest with regard to a 30 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the City of Gainesville d/b/a Gainesville Regional Utilities and the limited liabilty corporation GREC. This $3 billion to $4 billion contract is the most expensive contract into which the City has ever entered.

In April of 2012 GC-Care filed suit to have the PPA declared void ab intio as a result of having been negotiated in violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law.

A mediated settlement agreement was reached with the City on December 20, 2012 the City Commission in a 4-3 vote accepted the mediated agreement.

The agreement, among other things, required the Gainesville City Commission to hold its first ever public workshop of the GREC contract.

On top of that, GC-CARE advocates the advocacy of providing more information and helpful links, guides, information and recommendations to senior living and healthcare, mental and behavioral health. GC-CARE is dedicated to provide utmost advocacy that would serve the betterment of the Gainesville community.